Are there any tips for mastering the economics section of the cfa level 2 exam?

Make your study strategy the right one with our top 10 level 2 CFA tips. Take as many practice tests as you can. Answer all of the EOC questions (and ask them again when you take your practice tests; after all, they're like mini-questions on a test). QBank for L2 it's almost useless.

The CFA Level II simulated exams offer realistic simulated exam conditions that can really help you in your final weeks of study. Now that you know the best way to study, learn how to prepare an effective study plan for the CFA Program and to pass the CFA Level II exam. The level II exam reorients its approach to evaluating asset classes and applying the concepts learned at level I. Tolia, CFA, analyzes the CFA level II curriculum, the main differences between levels I and II, and the study strategies that have proven their effectiveness.

Anyone who wants to complete the exam must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent education and must have passed the CFA Level I exam. People who are studying for CFA certification are intelligent, motivated, and want to pass just as much as you do. Level 2 is much more difficult than level 1 simply because it's more intense: Level 2 goes deeper and the details on which it is based (and on which the tests are carried out) are greater, since it focuses more on applications. Use these last-minute study tips to stay motivated and prepared for the last few weeks leading up to the exam.

It's a difficult task, but effective use of questions should ensure that you cover most of the topics on the CFA exam. The CFA Institute will give you a mock exam, and you can purchase others from test preparation providers like Schweser. An expert can help you break down your study routine into specific weekly tasks based on the date of your CFA exam and before the date of your exam, and can also provide you with detailed feedback after the mock exams and, ultimately, help you master the CFA curriculum. Last month, I took mock CFAI and Schweiser exams and focused on end-of-chapter questions.

of the CBOK. Take a mock CFA exam one week after your actual exam to simulate what it will be like to take the exam and what your score might be. The Level II exam covers many aspects and requires that you not only understand the concepts, but also be able to apply, analyze and explain your findings. The CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, review or guarantee the accuracy or quality of the products and services offered by Kaplan Schweser.

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