What are the hardest cfa sections?

Overall, our research shows that candidates' most difficult Level 1 CFA topics are financial statement analysis, fixed income, quantitative methods, derivatives, and economics. Meanwhile, the most difficult topics in Level 2 CFA are often the analysis of financial statements, portfolio management, ethics, and derivatives. Luckily, option valuation models don't figure in the CFA level 1 exam curriculum (aside from a brief mention of binomial option valuation) and you won't have to worry about that until you take the level 2 exam. CFA exam candidates who take the level 1 exam usually indicate that the FI, derivatives, and FSA (or FRA) * are the most difficult.

Difficulty is a subjective criterion, but this hierarchy of difficult and easy topics is intended as a guide to help you approach the CFA exam topics sensibly. With that said, fixed income, derivatives and FSA are the most difficult subjects for the CFA Level 1 exam, the time has come to classify the 10 Level 1 topics according to their level of difficulty. Of course there are 10 modules, but they are quite short and only take up about 120 pages in the CFA exam curriculum. In 2024, there will be some important changes to the topics of the level 1 CFA exams, including a new weighting of the subjects or a new number of modules.

In the 2024 CFA exam curriculum, there are up to 19 fixed income modules to study and they have numbers from 49 to 67.

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