How many hours do you need to pass cfa level 2?

Remember that everyone's study schedule is different. For reference, I studied full time for 2 months before the exam, but 4 months of part-time study might be enough. Explore the CFA forum on Reddit to find other candidates' study schedules and choose the one that fits your needs. Some people study for 8 months, while others get by in just 4 weeks: it's a personal journey. If you follow a personalized adaptation of my strategy for the CFA Level 2 exam, I think you'll be as prepared as possible.

Approximately 40% of people who take the exam will pass it, and you should try to exceed a benchmark that normally ranges from 60 to 70%. The minimum passing score is an excellent guide to understanding the score you need to obtain on the exam. For me, the CFA provided me with an in-depth knowledge of finance and a solid foundation to enter any industry. It makes no sense to work more than 3 months before the exam, as you will forget about everything.

In fact, in that case, you'll most likely forget about the exam and receive your pass by surprise email from the Institute. Participating in practical activities such as trading and investing my own money has provided me with more specific knowledge compared to what I would have to study for the CFA exams. The level 2 exam is significantly more difficult than the level 1 exam, so it's crucial to understand why before investing time, energy and mental well-being. However, the CFA journey has significantly improved my ability to quickly understand and synthesize large amounts of information.

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