How much time needed for cfa level 2?

However, based on our experience to increase the chances of approval, it is more common to study a minimum of 350 hours for 4 to 6 months. If we learn that level II is very difficult, it might be useful to study with CFA books as well, but time will be limited. Some CFA authors are really good (Fabozzi and Chance), while others are really terrible (some FRA materials in particular). It took me about a month and a half to read only CFA books and that was equivalent to a daily reading of approximately I am reviewing FinQuiz Pro and using the CFA books to improve my understanding, since FinQuiz Pro can be a bit brief.

I'm sure there are people who approved this route, possibly consulting the CFAI books as a reference on blurry areas, but much less so than level 1.I studied 650 hours for my first attempt at level 2, failed in band 10 and, even though I thought I was ready, the test knocked me unconscious like a Mike Tyson cut. I just wanted to know how difficult it really is and, since I spent approximately 500 hours on level I and didn't finish the exam on time and I had to guess questions that I really knew the answers to (I had a minute left and had to guess between 10 and 20 questions at the end), I'm trying to prepare myself mentally and try to draw up a schedule for level II if I pass level I. I may win the prize for most of the hours studied for level 2, but I think your question of minimum study time is not the right way to tackle level 2 or even level 3 when you get there. I wonder if candidates who have successfully passed Level II could give a small opinion on how much study is required for Level II. Use FinQuiz Pro to help you understand difficult concepts (such as Quant or Derivatives), but read CFA whenever you can.

Do you think it's enough to read FinQuiz Pro's notes and, of course, ask all the QBank questions, the questions at the end of the chapters and the examples, as well as re-consulting CFA books to better understand FinQuiz Pro notes? Based on my own experience (I completed and passed level II in 2011), I think it's best to do both, one side by side with the another one. Most of the suggestions I've seen about level II indicate that relying solely on FinQuiz Pro isn't enough.

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