How many times can you retake cfa level 2?

Candidates may take the exam a maximum of twice per calendar year (when appropriate), but not in consecutive periods or with an interval of six months or less. Candidates will have a maximum of six attempts per exam level. It is particularly important to retake the exam in the same calendar year if possible, as the CFA Institute changes the curriculum of the CFA Program annually. CFA Institute preparation providers are prohibited from including official mock exam questions or any other question other than the end-of-reading question in their products and services.

CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, review or guarantee the accuracy or quality of the products and services offered by FinQuiz Pro. Since the CFA letter is widely considered to be the standard of reference among the investment community, it is not surprising that the great difficulty of the exams causes most candidates to fail at least once. The combination of both factors has resulted in the lowest pass rates ever recorded in the history of the CFA Program. That's why part of your strategy for passing the CFA exam next time should be to reevaluate your curriculum.

The CFA Institute estimates that the average successful candidate takes four years to complete the CFA Program. But if that means passing the exam, you'll save yourself hundreds of hours of additional study and achieve any professional promotion or salary increase associated with earning your CFA sooner. The CFA Institute also recommends that candidates schedule regular progress tests to get an idea of where they stand throughout their studies. The CFA Institute also noted that it expects the approval rate to approach historic pre-COVID levels over time, as long as pandemic conditions continue to decline.

Nobody likes to fail an exam, but given the difficulty of CFA exams, it's the norm and not the exception. You may have already dedicated the approximately 300 hours of study needed to become a successful CFA Program candidate. Learn some strategic planning methods to overcome knowledge gaps and prepare for your next attempt to reach Level III. The average candidate spends four years in the program, meaning that most fail at least one exam before becoming a CFA certification holder. To combat these problems, the CFA Institute offers the complete curriculum with study tools called Learning Ecosystem, and is available for all levels.

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