Can i take the cfa level 2 exam without passing level 1?

CFA Level 2 Requirements You must have passed the Level 1 exam and completed your bachelor's degree to take the Level 2 exam. No, you cannot take the CFA Level I and Level II exams at the same time. To earn the CFA designation, you must pass the Level I exam to be able to take the Level II exam. In addition to preparing for the exam, you also have to prepare for the exam day: go to the test center, register, what clothes to wear, and so on. This is a high-level schedule with the steps to take to prepare for test day.

Not only are CFA Level II concepts generally more complex, but Level II exam questions also require more concentration. Candidates can expect to spend an average of 25 hours or more studying for the CFA Level II exam compared to the Level I exam. These new distractions may require the candidate to redouble their commitment to CFA Program studies. In the CFA Level I curriculum, there is a significant focus on remembering formulas and definitions by heart.

As a result, many Level I candidates begin their studies with a solid understanding of the main concepts of Level I. The CFA Institute reserves the right to close enrollment and programming dates earlier than previously announced, if conditions warrant. CFA Level II candidates are expected to demonstrate their ability to apply tools and relationships to analyze financial data and value the assets. This deepening of individual topics makes it potentially more dangerous to skip a particular reading, since each set of elements represents 5% of the exam points.

Candidates who pass the CFA exams have at least one college degree to their credit, often in business or a related subject. The following 10 points describe some of the main differences a candidate will encounter between level I and level II of the CFA exam. CFA Institute preparation providers are prohibited from including official mock exam questions or any other question other than the end-of-reading question in their products and services. The CFA Level II curriculum, by comparison, is not only equally comprehensive, but it also contains numerous concepts that can be difficult to understand.

The CFA Level I exam consists of 180 questions, and each of these questions is unrelated to the others. Compared to Level I, a candidate will need a higher level of preparation and skill to select the correct answer to a Level II question.

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