What is the registration fee for the cfa level 2 exam?

If candidates are unable to qualify for the CFA Level 2 exam all at once, they can retake the CFA Level 2 exam.

They will have to pay an additional standard registration fee of $1,250 each time they retake the CFA Level 2 exam.

The CFA exam fees are the same for all candidates around the world, regardless of whether they come from the US. The US, the UK, India or any other country. The lowest cost of the CFA exam available to CFA candidates is when they qualify for the CFA Institute Access Scholarship, which waives the payment of the registration fee and reduces the registration fee to 250 USD.

The ITSM manager oversees the level of prioritization of problems, critical incidents, and planned and proactive tasks. It ensures that operations management provides adequate levels of resources for problem resolution. If you are awarded the scholarship for each level, the total cost of the CFA exam can be reduced to 3 x 350, equivalent to 1050 USD. Since this is the second level of the CFA course, candidates do not have to pay the one-time registration fee from 350 USD.

And since only 20% of people starting out in the CFA Program end up obtaining certification and few pass all three levels on the first attempt, you may have to retake at least one level of the exam and save funds for that purpose. As mentioned above, candidates don't have to pay any additional fees to schedule their CFA Level 2 exams within the scheduled time frame. Its purpose is to make it possible to reschedule the appointment for the CFA exam even after registration and scheduling periods have closed. of the exam.

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