What percentage do you need to pass cfa level 2?

For the second level of the CFA, you'll need a score of at least 65% to have a good chance of passing, although from one year to the next, any score lower than 70% may be a pass or a failure based on that year's weighted score. Simply put, the minimum passing score (MPS) is the lowest score a candidate can obtain and still pass the CFA exam. I think it's pretty clear that CFAs are increasing the approval rating to generate more candidates and, therefore, more revenue. Level 3 candidates must spend sufficient time understanding the nuances and qualification criteria of this exam format.

The verification letter will confirm the result of a “passed” or “failed” exam, but the summary of the performance of the subject area will not be available. However, they have made it very clear that these resources are not enough to guarantee that you pass the exams or to help you become a chartered financial analyst. After the administration of each exam, the CFA Institute's board of directors sets the minimum passing score (MPS) for each level. Detailed test scores and answers to test questions are evaluation information and are part of the candidate's exam history, and both are the sole property of the CFA Institute.

Although individual candidate scores vary, historically, only 41% of test takers pass this particular exam. Candidates who are willing to spend time and effort preparing for the exam can increase their chances of passing it if they use high-quality study materials and practice tests, seek guidance from experienced professionals, and develop a comprehensive curriculum. In addition, the lack of transparency about the new methods used to calculate the MPS increases my level of doubt. We do this because it can be useful for CFA candidates to have a target range of scores to aim for when taking practice tests.

He trusted his methods for determining the MPS, but his estimate for level I in May changed from 72.5% to 74% (which is a big jump) without clearly stating the reason for this.

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