How hard is cfa level 2 exam?

Invest in teaching materials to help you pass the CFA Level II exam. Level II is more difficult than Level I (and some argue that it is the most difficult CFA exam). Don't risk passing the exam; invest in a CFA review course that will help you understand the exam material and pass it the first time. Level 2 of the CFA exam isn't as difficult as level 1, but it still is. Level 2 only has a 45% approval rate.

The CFA Level II curriculum, by comparison, is not only equally comprehensive, but it also contains numerous concepts that can be difficult to understand. Unless, of course, you passed level 1 like Sophie and are trying to pass the CFA in 18 months, in which you can do it in 4 months (with some determination). Some study materials include a specific Level 1 review booklet for this purpose. I recommend keeping it.

In contrast, level II questions are organized as “sets of elements”, each based on a common shared bullet and containing 4 to 6 multiple-choice questions. In addition, at level II, the candidate's ability to link one theory or concept to another will be evaluated. Compared to Level I, a candidate will need a higher level of preparation and skill to select the correct answer to a Level II question. When it comes to studying for the CFA exam, there's no way to know what combination of questions will be asked.

These new distractions may require the candidate to redouble their commitment to their CFA Program studies. With the same number of topics as Level 1, CFA Level 2 addresses each topic in great depth, requiring much more reading time. Unlike levels 1 and 2, where you can objectively measure your progress as you go through all the practice tests, taking the level 3 tests is a double-edged sword. Unfortunately, the CFA Level 2 exam is different, as it has a reputation for being the most difficult exam and with more material than cover.

The level I test has a 2.25-hour session in the morning and in the afternoon, in which candidates must answer 90 multiple-choice questions in each session (180 in total). But what are the most effective methods? There are numerous study techniques you can use while preparing for all 3 levels of the CFA.

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