What type of calculator is allowed on the cfa level 2 exam?

Regardless of which certified calculator for the CFA exam you use, repetition and extensive practice with the calculator are essential to becoming proficient enough to pass the exam. Remember to double the cost listed below if you prefer to carry a spare calculator (only those approved by the CFAI) as a backup during the exams. Learning to use the calculator well before the exam will not only give you an advantage in time management, but it will also considerably reduce calculation errors. The use of an unauthorized calculator during the exam may even lead to the suspension or cancellation of your application in the CFA Program.

In addition, remember that you will be using these calculators in all three exams and in your race, so the real cost is nominal. Because CFA exams require a lot of calculations, like any other financial exam, your calculator is a device you can count on in more ways than one. The CFAI also has a list of personal items that are allowed in the test center and that candidates can use as a checklist before exam day. If you work or plan to work in the financial industry, you know that the CFA designation is the standard of reference.

To succeed in the CFA exams, your calculator must become a natural extension of your approach to problem solving. Prior to the CFA exam, the testing center will perform a series of inspections to verify that everything is in order and in accordance with CFAI standards. This is to ensure that the configuration is correct for most of the calculations required in the CFA exam curriculum. The candidate is not allowed to borrow a calculator at any time during the exam, and the use or possession of an unauthorized calculator during the exam may result in the nullity of the exam results.

This series of calculators, including the original and BA II Plus Professional versions, is widely viewed as an easier to use option because. An effective way to familiarize yourself with the calculator is to use it while practicing the CFA mock exam.

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