Mastering the CFA Level 2 Exam: A Comprehensive Guide

As an expert in the field of finance and investments, I have seen firsthand the importance of obtaining the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. The CFA program is a rigorous and highly respected program that equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the financial industry. The second level of the CFA exam, known as CFA Level 2, is a crucial step in this journey. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive guide to understanding the structure of the CFA Level 2 exam and how to prepare for it.

What is the CFA Level 2 Exam?

The CFA Level 2 exam is a multiple-choice test that consists of 88 questions divided into two sessions of 44 questions each.

This exam builds upon the fundamental knowledge acquired at level I and delves deeper into the analysis and valuation of investments. It is designed to test not only your understanding of concepts, but also your ability to apply, analyze, and explain your findings. The exam is divided into sets of questions, with half of the sets evaluated in the morning session and the other half in the afternoon. Each set of questions is based on a specific topic and requires you to use information provided to resolve them. The topics covered in the exam include financial modeling, evaluations, CPA preparation, ACCA preparation, CFA coaching, FRM coaching, enrolled agent wizard stock trainer, and more.

Preparing for the Exam

While it is not mandatory to have a background in mathematics or a graduate degree to take the CFA exam, having a basic understanding of these subjects can make the learning process easier.

The exam is held every year in June at various global centers, and candidates must obtain a minimum score to pass each level. To be eligible for the CFA Level 2 exam, candidates must have passed the CFA Level 1 exam and met the criteria for enrollment in the CFA program. This ensures that candidates have a strong foundation in finance and are ready to tackle the more advanced concepts covered in Level 2.

What to Expect on Exam Day

Candidates should expect that the CFA Level 2 exam will evaluate their curricular knowledge more thoroughly than Level I. The questions are designed to test your understanding of real-life scenarios and your ability to apply investment and portfolio management concepts to them. It is essential to have a general understanding of these concepts, as they will be further explored in the Level III exam. The exam is administered by the CFA Institute, which is responsible for setting the curriculum and ensuring that the exam is fair and unbiased.

The CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, review, or guarantee the accuracy or quality of any products or services offered by third-party providers such as Kaplan Schweser.

How to Prepare for Success

As an expert in this field, I highly recommend that candidates begin their preparation by familiarizing themselves with the CFA Level 2 course program. This will give you a clear understanding of what topics will be covered on the exam and allow you to plan your study schedule accordingly. In addition to studying the course material, it is crucial to practice with mock exams and sample questions. This will help you get familiar with the format of the exam and identify any areas where you may need additional study. However, it is important to note that CFA Institute prep providers are prohibited from including official CFA Institute mock questions or any other questions in their products and services. It is also beneficial to join study groups or attend review courses offered by reputable providers.

These can provide valuable insights and help you stay motivated throughout your preparation.


The CFA Level 2 exam is a significant milestone in the CFA program and requires dedication, hard work, and a strong understanding of finance and investments. By familiarizing yourself with the exam structure, preparing diligently, and seeking support from study groups or review courses, you can increase your chances of success. The CFA designation is highly recognized and sought after in the financial industry, and passing the Level 2 exam is a crucial step towards achieving this prestigious title.

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