What is the hardest cfa level 2?

Meanwhile, the most difficult CFA Level 2 topics are often financial statement analysis, portfolio management, ethics, and derivatives. Finally, the most difficult CFA Level 3 topics are fixed income, ethics, equity investments, alternative investments and derivatives. Below you'll find an analysis of CFA Level 2 compared to Level 1, the curriculum, the test score, and the passing rate trend. Those who can move to level 2 take the CFA exam very seriously and should have a better understanding of finance. and investments.

What's different is the level of detail you'll find in L2, and this could come as an unpleasant surprise if people don't spend enough time on practice questions. The results of the level 2 exam are usually published together with those of level 1, that is, about 60 days after the date of the exam. Some readers have said that level 1 is quite easy, but I have never heard such a comment about level 2.The format of the multiple-choice questions is similar to that of level 2, but since there are only 120 questions to work with compared to the 240 questions of level 1, it is to be expected that the questions of level 2 will be more complex. If you studied Level 1 before graduating, keep in mind that you must complete your degree before taking Level 2.Level 2 questions consist only of multiple options, but unlike Level 1, some of these questions are interrelated. The level 2 curriculum focuses more on asset valuation than on the basic tools taught at level I.

That said, the curriculum is based on level 1 knowledge and, therefore, the questions are supposed to be more difficult. They expected that the same amount of effort would be enough for level 2, and they didn't realize it until it was too late.

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