What is the passing rate for the cfa level 2 exam?

CFA Level 2 Approval Rate CFA Level 2 is often considered to be the most difficult of the three sections. On average, around 45% of candidates pass the second-level exam. After the administration of each exam, the CFA Institute's Governing Board sets the minimum passing score (MPS) for each level. Below are the passing rates of level I to III exams of the CFA Program for each of the most recent exams taken.

The CFA Institute then uses a methodology to determine a minimum passing score that applies to each level of the exam. CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, review or guarantee the accuracy or quality of the products and services offered by Kaplan Schweser. Detailed test scores and answers to test questions are evaluation information and are part of the candidate's test history, and both are the sole property of the CFA Institute. The distress in the CFA community is clearly high, and with good reason; the candidates made an enormous investment of time and money just to obtain a devastating result.

After this date, candidates can demonstrate their status in the CFA Program by generating and downloading a verification letter from the Verification Letter section in their account profile. Test results will be available approximately 5 to 8 weeks after the close of the exam period, depending on the exam level. CFA Institute preparation providers are prohibited from including official mock exam questions or any other question other than the end-of-reading question in their products and services. If you haven't yet taken the exam and are concerned about these scores, this is a good time to consider a CFA exam preparation package, as it can increase your chances of being included in the statistics of approval.

As you can see based on recent pass rates, CFA exams are generally considered difficult exams. The verification letter will confirm if the exam has been passed or failed, but the summary of performance in the subject area will not be available.

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