Can you study for cfa level 2 in 1 month?

Yes, you can do it. I have some friends who studied the night before and found the exam easy. I passed L2 on the first attempt with 5 weeks of full-time study, which is probably equivalent to 300 hours in total. A slightly brighter (or better educated) person could probably do it in 4 weeks.

To save time, you may want to stop taking some economics classes (you don't have to pass every subject to pass) the CFA exam). How to prepare for level II of the CFA exam Now, let's talk about what should be a fairly effective approach to preparing for the level II exam. If you look at your curriculum, this topic is very large compared to its weight in the CFA level 1 exam (only between 8% and 12%), but it is quite intuitive in many ways. FIND your curriculum in the PLAN tab Check out all the weeks of preparation for the CFA exam, check how much you have done and how much is left to you, and customize your schedule using the customization options of the study plan and by dragging and dropping both the subjects and the weeks of study.

In the CFA program curriculum, you'll find lots of examples, presentations, or final questions of reading with solutions. It's clear that the 1-month study plan for the CFA Level 2 exam will most likely be one of the most challenging ideas you've ever done before. These questions have been placed there so that you can keep track of your level of knowledge in each and every subject. Because level II material is deeper than level I and requires drawing conclusions from the material you study, it's almost impossible to prepare it in 3 weeks while multitasking.

Many people who think little or nothing about CFA exams after 2 weeks may seem like too good a time to prepare for the exams. It sounds strange, but most CFA candidates don't pass the exam not because they're not smart enough or even because they haven't had enough time. If you are currently in this specific circumstance, you don't have to worry anymore because this is the right place to do the CFA Level 2 exam strategy. The curriculum of the CFA Level 1 program has more than 3000 pages (including end-of-reading questions), which means approximately 50 pages per day to review for the next 60 days (without any day off).

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