How important is understanding ethics and professional standards for passing the cfa level 2 exam?

Regardless of which CFA level candidate you are, check out our best tips on. Everyone is different, but it's clear that ethics are important. Therefore, I keep ethics as the last topic to study before making fun of it. Then, I review the ethics mainly for a couple of days before the exam.

It has worked for me so far. The key assumption here is, of course, that you make sure you stick to your CFA curriculum and, in the end, save enough time to address this important topic. This means that the information you keep at level 1 will still be exactly applicable to the questions at level 3.The ethics of level 3 of the CFA represent between 10 and 15% of weight in exams, mixed between artificial answer (essay) questions and multiple-choice questions based on bullets. As my ethics is one of the lowest compared to 8 other subjects, I did not pass the exam with only 1 pixel below the MPS.

To protect the integrity of CFA Institute members, designations and exam programs, the CFA Institute respects the Code and Standards, all exam rules and regulations, and the Statutes of the CFA Institute through their application through the Professional Conduct Program. Regardless of whether you are new to the CFA exams or if you are an experienced CFA level 3 candidate, the CFA ethics section plays an important role at all levels of the CFA program. As a member of the CFA Institute, candidate for the CFA Program or candidate for the CIPM Program, you must follow the Code of Ethics and the Rules of Professional Conduct (Code and Standards) of the CFA Institute. Dear friends, I failed the June exam with Band 8 and it seems that I have really failed in Ethical (until now I had 70%).

Then, consult the notes in the CFA curriculum to understand the theory and re-read certain sections to further consolidate your knowledge of CFA ethics. Most importantly, CFA ethics level 3 adds a new section on the Code of Professional Conduct for Asset Managers and places more emphasis on the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). Introduce candidates to the 6 codes of ethics and the 7 rules of professional conduct (code and standards) of the CFA Institute. Perhaps this is more of a level 2 and level 3 CFA ethical advice, please read the question bullet carefully when reading the examples and questions from the EOC.

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