Can i skip cfa level 1?

In short, it's possible to pass it if you skip a topic at levels 1 and 2, but I wouldn't recommend it if your goal is to master the material. Whatever CFA calculator you choose, be good at using the functions precisely and learn time-saving tricks with your BA II Plus or HP 12 calculator. In addition, you'll need to know not only if the action filed was ethical, but also what parts of the CFA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct were violated. I didn't skip anything on any of the levels, but I certainly put more or less energy and effort into certain subjects.

I recommend the TI BA II Plus Professional if you choose the TI because of its algebraic notation, since the Professional's additional functions are very useful in the CFA exam for relevant questions and save you precious time. My advice is not to skip anything: you need the necessary foundation and discipline to pass level I if you want to survive levels II and III. At the graduate and undergraduate levels, I have taken 9 courses in finance, 10 courses in economics, several courses in mathematics and statistics and two introductory courses in accounting. As reflected in the time allotted to study —and in the results of my CFA—, FRA was by far my weakest subject.

But it doesn't work anymore at 2 or 3, and whatever you've skipped in L1, you'll probably have to learn it anyway. In addition, I recommend carefully reading the CFA material on ethics, since the subject material is specific to CFA institutes, with an important weighting of 15 to 20% for the exam. This is because June 15 (this Saturday) is the date of the CFA level 1 exam (it is also the date of the exams for levels 2 and 3, but the candidates have already done so). As there are 240 questions, the topics will be evenly distributed, but if you try to skip levels II and III, you might find a whole series of questions that focus mainly on something you've skipped.

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