What is the pass rate for the cfa level 2?

The all-time average Level II pass rate is 46%. In addition to analyzing the CFA exam grading system and how it works, it's also important to be clear about what the components of the score mean. By choosing UWorld, you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of these professionals as you strive to understand the expectations of the CFA exam and develop a plan for success. In theory, the CFA Institute (CFAI) knows that this level requires deep and extensive knowledge of the subject, with very few accumulated knowledge from the university.

UWorld's team of professionals includes CFA certificate holders who have extensive experience teaching and creating specific content for the CFA exam, as well as in financial training. The Governing Board of the CFA Institute establishes the members of the European Parliament for each level, and that changes with each cycle of new candidates. First, it can give you an idea of the difficulty of the exam and the level of preparation needed to pass it. After the administration of each exam, the Board of Directors of the CFA Institute establishes the minimum passing score (MPS) for each level.

Multiple-choice questions (MCQ) from all three levels of the CFA exam are scored automatically, and around 10% of exams are re-graded by hand to check for inconsistencies and ensure accuracy. During this scoring phase, the Governing Board usually sets the MPS for levels 1 and 2 about six weeks after the completion of the exam and qualification. As long as you score well on multiple-choice questions, you should have a good chance of passing the second level of the CFA. During the first week of qualification, candidates at various levels and a “grade evaluator” grade all exams, but they also review the work of the others to ensure consistency.

The multiple-choice questions for all levels of the CFA exam are graded by computer, while the part of the essay (“constructed answer”) of level 3 is scored by CFA holders. In addition to the stressful nature of the CFA charter exam, there is uncertainty surrounding your chances of passing it, given that the MPS is unknown. The minimum passing score (MPS) is the lowest possible score a candidate can obtain while still passing the CFA exam. The CFA pass rate is very low, at least compared to other major financial exams, such as the CPA and the CFP.

The Board of Governors purposely sets the bar very high so that only those with a deep and extensive knowledge of the subject will move to level 2, and the approval rate definitely supports that philosophy.

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