How can i improve my performance on the quantitative methods section of the cfa level 2 exam?

In this post, we try to explain what level 2 topics are about. Our goal is to help you answer any questions you may have. When practicing CFA Level II questions, you should spend an average of 90 seconds answering the question. As the CFA exams become computer-based tests, the CFA Level 2 exam includes a total of 88 multiple-choice questions, 44 in SESSION 1 and 44 in SESSION 2.The CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, review, or guarantee the accuracy or quality of products and services offered by Kaplan Schweser.

Your registration in the CFA program includes the learning ecosystem, a robust digital learning platform that includes the entire curriculum, along with some 1600 practice questions and other study tools. Now that you know the best way to study, learn how to prepare an effective study plan for the CFA Program and to pass the CFA Level II exam.

CFA level II

mock exams offer realistic simulated exam conditions that can really help you in your final weeks of study. When taking the CFA Level II mock exams, you should focus on the CFA Institute's Learning Outcome Statements (LOS), as they detail exactly what you are expected to do the day of the exam.

Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) and basic concepts are based on the candidate's body of knowledge, developed by the CFA Institute. The CFA Level II exam is a significant improvement over the Level I exam, so having a curriculum and understanding the differences between Level I and Level II will help you ensure that you are ready to pass the Level II exam. Test weightings vary by level and may vary slightly from year to year, so it's good to be clear about what the weights are for the exam you're going to take. Take a mock CFA exam one week after the current exam to simulate what it will be like to take the exam and what your score might be.

You must participate in 80 to 100 study sessions over six to nine months preparing for the CFA Level II exam. We came to this rank because most CFA candidates prefer to prepare for a few hours, almost every day of the week. You should focus on the CFA Institute's learning outcome statements (LOS), as they detail exactly what you're expected to do on test day. When you receive guided instructions, you'll have a CFA expert on your side who knows what it takes to pass the exam.

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