What is the recommended study strategy for the cfa level 2 exam?

It may be beneficial to take the last week before exams outside of work to make sure. For example, if you have had difficulty learning how different methods are used to account for inter-firm investment formulas, but you also have difficulty memorizing the classifications of regulations and regulators, focus on what your learning barriers are in analyzing financial statements, since that topic carries more weight than economics at level II. You should have a solid understanding of the CFA Program curriculum and how each topic is weighted for the Level II exam. Statements about learning outcomes (LOS) and basic concepts are based on candidates' body of knowledge, developed by the CFA Institute.

When you choose UWorld for your CFA Level 2 study guide and planner, you take advantage of the knowledge of CFA certificate holders with decades of experience in teaching, content creation and financial training specific to CFA. This is the main disadvantage of candidates who do not pass the exam: level 2 represents a great improvement compared to level 1.The curriculum is updated annually and all three levels of the exam focus on the same major subject areas. Do a mock CFA exam one week after the current exam to simulate what it will be like to take the exam and what your score might be. CFA Institute preparation providers are prohibited from including official mock exam questions or any other question other than the final reading question in their products and services. Level 1 of CFA can be easy for some, especially if they already have a good financial base in college or because of the context of their work.

When taking the CFA Level II mock exams, you should focus on the CFA Institute's Learning Outcome Statements (LOS), as they detail exactly what you are expected to do on the day of the exam. When practicing CFA Level II questions, you should spend an average of 90 seconds answering the question. Find out what curriculum topics you should focus on during the last few weeks of your preparation for Level II by taking a mock CFA exam. An expert can help you divide your study routine into specific weekly tasks based on the date of the CFA exam and before it, and can also provide you with detailed feedback after the mock exams and, ultimately, help you master the CFA curriculum.

CFA Level 2 is quite difficult, but the tips above should guide you in the right direction to get off to a solid start. You should complete 80 to 100 study sessions over six to nine months preparing for the CFA Level II exam.

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