Can i bring formula sheet to cfa exam?

You will not be allowed to bring the formula sheet to the exam. However, it's a valuable resource for preparing for the CFA exam. I have problems with memory and elementary math skills, and understanding the formula with words really saved my life several times on test day. You'll find your candidate ID in your CFA Institute online account, the same one you use to access CFA Institute simulations and materials.

No ticket is needed for the CFA exam anymore, unless the test provider requests that you print a confirmation email with your appointment confirmation number. You won't be allowed to eat snacks or drinks during the test itself, but you can and should bring your own light snack and water, something that stays at room temperature during the optional 30-minute break. The exact names that appear in the First Name (s) and Last Name (s) fields in your passport must be included in your CFA Institute account and must be written exactly as they appear in your passport. This may depend on the exam center, but if you follow the instructions of the CFA Institute to the letter, keys are not allowed.

Annoying formulas, but yes, you are going to memorize them or not, but they will most likely require you to know them to pass the exam. The CFA Institute cannot guarantee that requests will be processed if they are submitted less than 30 days before your appointment. The CFA Institute, testing personnel, testing center, and vendors are not responsible for the theft, loss, loss, or damage of personal belongings. If your passport doesn't show any suffixes, you shouldn't include any suffixes in your account of the CFA Institute.

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