What is the format of the cfa level 2 exam?

The CFA Level 2 exam consists of 88 multiple-choice questions that include sets of bullet-based elements divided into two sessions of 44 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) each. Level II of the CFA exam is a multiple-choice test, as is level I. These questions are divided into series of questions and half of the series of questions will be evaluated in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. For each set of questions, you will be provided with information and the questions will require that you use the information provided to resolve them.

. CFA Level 2

exam topics = Level 1 topics, but with different exam weights and approaches, ranging from general knowledge of investment tools to asset valuation.

In the CFA Level 2 exam curriculum, topics are covered in more detail compared to the Level 1 curriculum. To prepare for level II, I only used Schweser notes, Schweser questions at the end of the chapter, CFA drills, and 6 sets of Schweser practice tests. After having passed all 3 levels of the CFA exams, level 2 is undoubtedly much more difficult compared to level 1. In fact, I wanted to “end this as soon as possible”, and since level I should be fresher in my mind, I simply accepted it. Try to enjoy your well-deserved time off to maintain stamina for the next level (especially), as I mentioned in my previous post.

That said, exceeding level 2 is undoubtedly an attainable goal, as long as you dedicate more study time to it, or I've even heard of a candidate who has spent 7 years between level 1 and level 2 due to life events; without a doubt, it's useful to have that flexibility. As a recognized leader in preparing for the CFA exams, Kaplan Schweser answers a wide variety of questions from candidates preparing for the CFA Level II exam. However, in our Study Planner, we propose a better order of level 2 topics, in which topics from 5 to 10% and from 10 to 15% are combined and, often, the similarity of concepts between the topics is taken into account. Candidates also have to get used to answering bullet points (mini-case studies) to multiple-choice questions introduced in level 2. One thing is that if I didn't try my level 2 in June and wait until next June and if I'm not sure about it, it would be a mess and with low morale. Since you mentioned buying the Schweser texts in your article on level 1 experience, I was wondering if you also stayed with Schweser for level 2 and what your experience was. The CFA Institute then uses a methodology to determine the minimum approval score that is applies to every exam.

I studied on my own for all 3 levels of my CFA exams, with a basic package of study notes from Kaplan Schweser and tons of practice work.

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