What are the topics for cfa level 2 exam?

You can expect about one or two sets of articles from the quantitative section. You can expect a set of elements for this topic. The average pass rate for the 10-year CFA Level II exam is 45%, but the most recent CFA pass rates have been lower. The exam focuses primarily on a small range of subjects, but candidates must be aware of these topics in detail.

One of the major changes to the Level 1 weight scoring system is that weights are given in ranges. In this case, there is significant overlap between levels 1 and 2, and the readings are mainly focused on the valuation of bonds.

As a recognized leader in preparing for the CFA exams, Kaplan Schweser answers a wide variety of questions from candidates preparing for the CFA Level II exam.

There are other readings that were not addressed in the level 1 curriculum, but they tend to be relatively accessible to most of the candidates. Most of the ethics at level 2 is exactly the same as at level 1, except that there is no coverage of the GIPS and there is additional reading that covers the standards of research objectivity.

The good news is that the CFA Institute has confirmed that the design of the readings for each study session is not based on the assumption that the candidate approaches the study sessions in a certain order. Remember that, in the case of candidates who are considered to be marginal, the CFA Institute will be based on the candidate's ethics score, so it is imperative that this topic be given the priority it deserves. The weightings may vary depending on the number of questions asked for each topic, and keeping track of the weighting of the questions will give you an advantage when it comes to taking the CFA exam. For example, if you are going to spend 300 hours preparing and studying for the Level 3 exam, you should spend a minimum of 150 hours just studying those two subjects.

This topic is often overlooked and yet it has the same exam weighting as most other topics (5 to 10%) and the content isn't as technical. The CFA Institute then uses a methodology to determine the minimum passing score that applies to each exam. Based on the above data, you can see that the most important topics in the second level of the CFA exams are investments in stocks, financial information and analysis, fixed income, portfolio management, and ethical and professional standards.

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